Ben: বাঁকুড়া bām̐kuṛā

‘Bir Bankura’s (City)’  City/District, West Bengal

Raja Bir Hambir was a 16-17thC  ruler (Malla dynasty). He offered assistance to the Mughal emperor Akbar and recognised the hegemony of the Muslim viceroys of Bengal. He divided his kingdom between his 22 sons. Bir Bankura inherited Taraf Jaybelia,  and the town he founded and developed here was named after him.

Given its position on the Dwarkeswar river a topographical derivation is also possible [Ben: bānka, ‘curve’, ‘bend’; Ben/Skt:: pura→ura/ur, ‘town’].

Bankura is famaous for its folk art terracotta horses: a classic staple of the India Handicrafts Emporium [Article: The Curious Case of Bankura Horses: India’s Quintessential Best Souvenir].

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