Dadra & Nagar Haveli

Nagar Haveli was granted to the Portuguese in 1783 as compensation for damage to one of their ships by the Maratha navy. They purchased Dadra in 1785. They remained in effective control until 1954

Dadra The origin of this name is unknown, although it might be related to the name of the predominant tribe, the Dhodia or to dadra, a light classical vocal style.

Nagar Haveli ‘Mansion Town’ From Hin/Skt: nagar/am, ‘city’, ‘town’; Hin: haveli, ‘mansion’, ‘house’.  A haveli is a traditional, ornate mansion in the Indian subcontinent, usually usually built around a chowk or courtyard.

Daman & Diu

Daman and Diu were Portuguese colonies from the 16thuntil 1961, administered as part of Goa. They are tiny coastal enclaves  (112 sq. km, smaller than the island of Jersey) 600km apart, separated by the Gulf of Khambat.

Daman sits at the mouth of the Daman (or Dawan) Ganga, reputedly the most polluted river in India as the result of dye factories along its banks: mercury levels are ninety times the WHO  guidelines.

Diu may be related to Skt: dvīpa, ‘island’.

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