West Bengal (WB)

Ben: পশ্চিমবঙ্গ paścimabaṅga

‘West Vanga Kingdom’ 

The Vanga kingdom was established sometime between the 8thC and 3rdC BCE, a name that may have come from the original Dravidian settlers of the region.

It is mentioned in ancient texts as a naval power and Prince Vijaya, who founded the Sinhalese kingdom in Sri Lanka, may well have set sail from Vanga after being exiled.

Over the centuries Vanga came under the control of other dynasties such as the Mauryas, the Guptas,  and the Chandras.

Bengal has been called many names over the centuries: Vanga, Banga, Vangala, Bangala, Bang, Bongo, and Bengal.

The British tried to ‘divide and rule’ by partitioning Bengal Province in 1905, but widespread swadeshi protests reunited them again in 1911.

The Partition of Bengal in 1947 created a long term economic and social crisis: the rice, jute and raw materials of the East were separated from the mills, factories and markets of the West; millions of Hindus migrated to India from East Bengal over the next three decades.

West Bengal was ruled by the Left Front for 34 years (1977–2011), making it the world’s longest-running democratically elected communist government.

Alipurduar (WB)

Ben: আলিপুরদুয়ার ālipuraduẏāra. ‘Ali’s City in the Dooars’ City/District,...

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Asansol (WB)

Ben: আসানসোল āsānasōla ‘Indian Laurels’ [Assensole]  City, West Bengal  From...

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Balurghat (WB)

Ben: বালুরঘাট bāluraghāṭa  ‘Sandy Ghat’   City, West Bengal From Ben: bālu,...

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Bankura (WB)

Ben: বাঁকুড়া bām̐kuṛā ‘Bir Bankura’s (City)’  City/District, West Bengal Raja...

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Bishnupur (WB)

Ben: বিষ্ণুপুর biṣṇupura 'City of Vishnu'  City/District, West Bengal ...

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Chakdaha (WB)

Ben: চাকদহ cākadaha ‘Meandering River’  Town, West Bengal  From Ben/Skt:...

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Darjeeling (WB)

Nep: दार्जीलिङ dārjīliṅa ‘Thunderbolt Land’    Hill Station/Town, West Bengal ...

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Durgapur (WB)

Ben: দুর্গাপুর durgāpura ‘Durgacharan’s City’  City, West Bengal From...

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Haldia (WB)

Ben:  হলদিয়া haladiẏā ‘Yellow (City)’  City, West Bengal  From Hin/Ben:...

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Jangipur (WB)

Ben:জঙ্গিপুর jaṅgipura ‘Military City’  City, West Bengal From Ben: jaṅgi,...

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Jhargram (WB)

‘Forest Village’  City/District,  West Bengal From Hin/Ben: jhā/ jhāḍ, ‘bush’,...

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Kalimpong (WB)

Ben: কালিম্পং kālimpaṁ  ‘Assembly Hill’  Town/District, West Bengal  From Lep:...

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Kharagpur (WB)

Ben: খড়্গপুর khaṛgapura 'Kharga's City'  City,  West Bengal  From Kharga...

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Krishnanagar (WB)

Ben: কৃষ্ণনগর kr̥ṣṇanagara ‘Krishnachandra’s City’  City, West Bengal  Raja...

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Kurseong (WB)

Nep: खरसाङ kharasāṅa 'Little Orchid'   Town, West Bengal From Lep: kurson-rip,...

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Murshidabad (WB)

Ben: মুর্শিদাবাদ murśidābāda ‘Murshid’s Town’  [Mukshudabad] ...

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Raiganj (WB)

Ben: রায়গঞ্জ rāẏagañja ‘Mustard Market’  City, West Bengal Ben: rāi,...

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Ranaghat (WB)

Ben: রাণাঘাট  rāṇāghāṭa ‘Red Ghat’   City, West Bengal  From Ben: rāṅā, ‘red’,...

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Siliguri (WB)

Ben: শিলিগুড়ি  śiliguṛi  ‘Rocky Place’  City, West Bengal. Ben: śilā,...

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Tamluk (WB)

Ben: তমলুক tamaluka 'Copper (port)' [Tamralipta, Tamolika, Tamralipti,...

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