Madhya Pradesh (MP)

Hin: मध्य प्रदेश madhya pradēś(h)

‘Central Province’. 

From Skt: madhya, ‘middle’, ‘central’; and pradēśḥ, ‘province’, ‘region’, ‘territory’.

Prior to independence, the majority of this area was administered by the British as the Central Provinces and the Central Indian States.

At independence, several of these districts were joined together as the Central Provinces and Berar. In 1950, these two regions were merged with Makrai and Chhattisgarh and the term ‘Central Provinces’ was translated to Hindi as Madhya Pradesh.

Until 2000, when Chhattisgarh broke away, Madhya Pradesh was India’s largest state, but the state which was the inspiration for the ‘Jungle Book’ can still claim the largest number of tigers (500) in a country that has 80% of the world’s entire but vanishing  population (1,700+).

The Origin Story of India's States

Gwalior (MP)

Hin: ग्वालियर gvāliyara 'Cowherds' Hill' [Gopadri, Goaliar, Gwaliar, Gopachal,...

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Gondwana (MP)

‘Land of the Gonds’  Region, Madhya Pradesh (MP) From Gond and Skt: वन vana,...

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Alirajpur (MP)

Hin: अलीराजपुर  alīrājapūr. 'Anand's Town' Town/District, Madhya Pradesh (MP)....

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Ashoknagar (MP)

Hin: अशोकनगर ashokanagar ‘Ashok Town’  [Pachhar]  Town/District, Madhya...

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Asirgarh (MP)

Hin: असीरगढ़ asīragaṛh 'Asa Ahir's Fort'  Fort, Madhya Pradesh (MP) From...

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Bagh Caves (MP)

Hin: बाघ गुफा bāgh gupha 'Tiger Caves'  Town/Caves, Madhya Pradesh (MP) Madhya...

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Balaghat (MP)

Hin: बालाघाट bālāghāṭ 'Above the Ghat'  [Burha] Town/District Madhya Pradesh...

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Bhind (MP)

Hin: भिण्ड bhiṇḍ 'Bhindi (Rishi)'  Town/District, Madhya Pradesh (MP) From...

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Bhojpur (MP)

Hin: भोजपुर bhōjapur ‘Bhoja’s Town’  Town/District, Madhya Pradesh (MP) From...

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Bhopal (MP)

Hin: भोपाल bhopāl 'Bhoj's Dam'  [Bhojapala] - Capital/City/District, Madhya...

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Burhanpur (MP)

Hin: बुरहानपुर burahānapur 'Burhan's Town'  City/District, Madhya Pradesh (MP)...

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Chhatarpur (MP)

Hin: छतरपुर chhatarapur 'Chhatrasal's Town'  City/District, Madhya Pradesh...

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Chhindwara (MP)

Hin: छिंदवाड़ा chhindavāṛā 'Date Place'   City/District, Madhya Pradesh (MP)...

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Damoh (MP)

Hin: दमोह damōha  'Two Mouths' City/District, [Damoa, Damauyo, Damauvanagara]...

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Datia (MP)

Hin: दमोह datiyā ‘Crooked Teeth’ City/District, [Dantavakra] Madhya Pradesh...

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Dewas (MP)

Hin: देवास dēvāsa 'Abode of God' City/District, Madhya Pradesh (MP) From Skt:...

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Dhar (MP)

Hin:  धार dhāra 'Stream' [Dhara Nagari] City/District, Madhya Pradesh (MP)...

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Dindori (MP)

Hin: डिंडौरी ḍiṇḍaurī ‘Pole Town’ [Dandapuri] Town/District, Madhya Pradesh...

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