Tel: విశాఖపట్నం viśākhapaṭnaṁ

‘Visakha’s City’  [Waltair] City/District, Andhra Pradesh 

From Visakha and  Tel: paṭṭaṇam, ‘(port/coastal) town’, ‘city

There are many candidates for this derivation:

(1) Sri Vishākhā Devi, a gopi deity associated with Lord Krishna;  (2) Visakha , the god of valour whose temple is rumoured to lie underwater 2km off the coast;  (3) Visakha, the chief female patron of the Buddha (this was once a Buddhist kingdom).

Waltair was a British corruption of the name, Vizag is an abbreviation.

Visakhapatnam is the fourth largest city in South India and, with a GDP of $43.5 billion, the ninth largest contributor to India economic performance.

Its economy is centred around its port, seafood exports, IT, shipbuilding and pharmaceuticals.

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An aerial view of Visakhapatnam/Vizag in Andhra Pradesh.

An aerial view of Visakhapatnam/Vizag                  Candeo gauisus