Tam: விருதுநகர் virutunakar

‘Victory Town’     City/District, Tamil Nadu

From Tam: virutu , ‘banner’, ‘trophy’, ‘badge of victory’; and Skt: nagar, ‘city’.

The town clearly commemorates a victory of some sort. But it is not clear what it was or when.

Legends tell tales of a warrior who had banners from his victorious battles. He threw down a challenge to the town for single comabat which one of its citizens accepted. The warrior was killed in the duel and his flags were seized.

Virudhunagar has a gender ratio of 101.4 females for every 100 males, way above the national average of 92.9, and comparable to Western ratios. A cause for flag-waving, surely.

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Virudhunagar Railway Station        Gowtham Sampath