Tel: విజయవాడ vijayavāḍa

‘Victory City’ [Bezawada] City, Andhra Pradesh

From Skt: vijaya, ‘conquest’, ‘victory’; Dra: wada/vada, ‘district’, ‘city’.

There is no shortage of myths to explain the origin of these names:

Durga defeated Mahishasura here, some say. Others that this is where Shiva gave Arjuna the mighty Pashupatastra weapon.

Bezawada could be a British mispronunciation, but there’s also a story that Arjuna drilled a ‘hole’, or ‘tunnel’ [Tel: bejjam].

Rather appropriately Vijayawada boasts the longest electrified tunnel in India (6,6km), as well as a road tunnel which cuts across the nearly 5 km Indrakeeladri hill range [Article: Tunnel road lives up to name Bezawada].

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