Tam: வல்வெட்டித்துறை valveṭṭittuṟaiSin: වල්වෙට්ටිතුරෙයි valveṭṭitureyi

‘Forest Path Harbour’  NP,  Sri Lanka

From Tam: vallai, ‘thicket, forest’;  vetti, ‘way, path’; and Sin/Tam: tara/tura/thurai, ‘seaport, harbour’.

The Vadamarachchi lagoon or Thondamannar lagoon forms a long corridor of palmyra palms, coconut trees, grassland, arid scrubland and open forest.

Valvettithurai (a.k.a. VVT or Valvai) has long been an important harbour for trade, fishing and smuggling. 

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Children with Fishing Nets, Valvettithurai

Children with Fishing Nets, Valvettithurai          Adam Jones