Mal: വൈക്കം vaikkaṁ

‘Deposits’  Town, Kerala

From Mal: vaikkam, ‘deposits’, ‘alluvial ground’

This suggests that the sea has receded over time leaving alluvial deposits in its wake (see also Vechur/Vechoor (Ker)):

Places situated on the eastern shores of the backwater have peculiar names with a definite reference to the sea and an analysis of the place-names conclusively suggests that the sea-coast must originally have run along the eastern shores of the backwater tract [Kuriyan (1941)].

The Vaikom Satyagraha (1924 -1925) was a nonviolent protest to allow lower castes access to the roads around and leading to  Vaikom’s Sri Mahadeva Temple.

At this time the Travancore kingdom was known for its strict caste hierarchy. The agitation gained the support of many Congress activists including Mahatma Gandhi.

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Vaikom Sri Mahadeva Temple

Vaikom Sri Mahadeva Temple          Hari vaikom (harish)