Mar: उल्हासनगर ulhāsanagara

‘City of Joy’ -City, Maharashtra

From Mar: ulhāsa, ‘joy’, ‘enthusiasm’; Skt: nagar, ‘town’, ‘city’

Following Partition in 1947 Kalyan Camp, a disused military barracks, was settled by Hindu migrants fleeing from from Sindh (Pakistan). It still boasts the largest population of Sindhis in India (400,000).

The Sindhis,transformed or into a thriving, livable city. They wanted to call it Sindhunagar but it was named after the ‘joyous’ Ulhas river. There have been numerous attempts to change the name but the only successful name change was a metro station. For thew mainline the name remains the same.

Ulhasnagar is part of the Nunia-Thane urban conurbation.


Ulhasnagar railway station           Superfast1111