Hin: टोंक tonk

Town/District,  Rajasthan

(1) Taank/Tak/Tak is a Jat clan associated with the ancient tribe of Nagas. The name Tonk, dating from ancient times, may originate with them.

(2) Stories tell that Raja Man Singh, king of Jaipur, conquered Tari and Tokra Janpad [Hin: janapad, ‘district’] in the 16thC. He named twelve villages of its ‘Tonk’ (district) which may or may not be related to Hin: thok, ‘estate division’.

The modern city was founded by Nawab Amir Khan, a Pashtun of the Tarkani tribe, in 1806.

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Sunehri Kothi, Tonk  Mrvillainxx