Tam: திருமங்கலம் tirumaṅkalam 

‘Prosperous Land’  Town, Tamil Nadu

From Tam: tiru, ‘prosperous’, ‘eminent’, ‘auspicious’; and mankalam, agricultural tract’, ‘fertile country’, ‘prosperous land’.

In loan words Skt: mangalam has a similar meaning to Tam: tiru. But when combined with Tamil elements it carries the meaning of ‘prosperous’ or ‘fertile’ land.  Since it is also associated with ‘wedding’ some have tried to tie Tirumangalam in with the holy marriage of Meenakshi and Sundaram in nearby Madurai, or even of Murugan and Devayanai/Thevayanai in Thiruparankundram.


Tirumangalam: Usilai Road           Saba rathnam