Kon: तेरेखोल tērēkhōla

‘Steep Bank’ [Terekhol]

From Mar: tīra, ‘bank’; and Mar: khōla, ‘deep’.

Tiracol is physically separated from Goa by the Terekhol/Tiracol River and a ferry ride. It is geographically part of Maharastra but politically, culturally and historically, part of the Pernem Sub-District of North Goa.

Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle built Terekhol Fort in the 17th century. The Portuguese captured it in 1746 and retained control until December 1961. The Portuguese-era Fort Tiracol is now a Heritage hotel, 

The Times of India (13/09/12) remarked that the:

“Latin etymology would mean terra collis—a land of hills, and true to its name, Tiracol is blessed with green hills surrounding the picturesque village.”

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Fort Tiracol and St Anthony’s Church   RobertBarathian