Tam: தூத்துக்குடி tūttukkuṭi

‘Wetlands Settlement[Tuticorin]  City/District  Tamil Nadu

From Tam: tiruttu , ‘cultivated wet land’, ‘paddy field’, ‘reclaimed land’; and Tam: kudi, ‘settlement’, ‘colony’. This suggests that Thootukudi could have been built on reclaimed land, or on wetlands, at least. 

It is called the ‘Pearl City’ because of its traditional association with pearl fishing – but that activity is now long past its heyday. As a maritime port it has been coveted by many dynasties and empires: Pandyas 7-9thC, Cholas 9-12thC, Portuguese 16thC, Dutch 17thC and British 18thC.

Video: Beautiful Pearl City of Tuticorin

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Pearl City Express

Pearl City Express (train name board)           Arunpanik23