Mal: തൊടുപുഴ toṭupuḻā

‘Stream River’  Town,  Kerala

From Mal: tōṭu, ‘water-course’, ‘rivulet’, ‘stream’; and puḻa/puzha, ‘river’.

The stream became a river and the river became a town.

Thodupuzha has an agricultural economy based on rubber and a wide range of fruit, vegetables and spices including rice and  tapioca; banana, coconut and pineapple; pepper, cocoa, ginger, and turmeric.

With Idukki and the Cardamon Hills immediately to the east, Thodupuzha is also known as the  ‘Gateway to the Western Ghats’.

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Thodupuzha Town: An aerial view

Thodupuzha Town: An aerial view                   footsigns