Mal: തിരുവല്ല tiruvalla

‘Sri Vallabha’  Town,  Kerala

From Sri Vallabha and Mal: tiru ‘eminent’, ’holy’, ‘auspicious’, ‘prosperous’;

Thiruvalla is named after its temple. This ancient temple is dedicated to Sree Vallabha, Lord Vishnu [Skt: vallabha ‘beloved’, ‘husband’ (of Lakshmi)] with a raised idol bearing a lotus, a chakra and a conch shell.

The temple has Kathakali dance performances on most nights as a ritual offering following evening puja.

Thiruvalla has an ageing population as the result of migration: over half of the population is over 60 and it is part of the Kerala NRI belt with 52 bank branches to handle dollar remittances.

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