Mal: തിരുരങ്ങാടി tiruraṅ(k)āṭi

‘Great Market’   [Tiruwarankad] Town, Kerala

From Mal:  tiru, ‘eminent’, ‘prosperous’; and aṅkāṭi/aṅgaḍi, ‘bazaar’, ‘market’.

Tirurangad was the site of two important events:

(1) The Battle of Tirurangadi (December, 1790):  a series of military engagements with Tipu Sultan from which the British emerged victorious.

(2) The Malabar Rebellion (1921) which started in Tirurangadi: a ‘peasants’ revolt’ against British rule and high caste rule in a predominantly feudal agarian society; some also add that it had clear anti-Hindu elements. Thousands were killed in disturbances that lasted for six months and resulted in the imposition of martial law across the region.

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Malabar Rebellion, 1921

Malabar Rebellion, 1921                Nmkuttiady