Tam: தரங்கம்பாடி taraṅkampāṭi’

‘Village of Waves’ Town, Tamil Nadu

From Tam: taraṅkam, ‘wave’; pāṭi, ‘village’, ‘hamlet’

This fishing port on the Coromandel coast was a Danish trading post (1620-1845).

Fort Dansborg, the New Jerusalem church, two  museums and several colonial buildings stand as a testament to their 225-year presence.

Popular etymology romantically suggests this is the ‘Place of the Singing Waves’ but although pati could be related to vocal performance it is, in all likelihood, a signal of a village settlement.

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Fort Dansborg, Tharangambadi/Tranquebar in Tamil Nadu. It was built by the Danish in the17th century,

Fort Dansborg, Tharangambadi/Tranquebar in Tamil Nadu        Esben Agersnap