Mar: ठाणे ṭhāṇē

‘Place’  [Thana, Tanna] – City/District, Maharashtra

From Skt: sthāna, ‘place’ or Mar: ṭhāṇēm, ‘post’, ‘station’.

Mumbai was originally a group of seven islands. North of these islands was a larger island called Salsette which had Thana/Tanna as its capital. Salsette and its forts remained under Portuguese control until 1737 when the Marathas captured it. The British seized it in 1774. Thane is part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

‘Place’ or ‘Post’ seems a strangely empty and lonely name to have, but an 11thC inscription calls it Sri Sthanaka [Skt: sri, ‘auspicious’, ‘sacred’] which is one of the coolest epithets a ‘place’ can get.


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