Ben: তমলুক tamaluka

‘Copper (port)’ [Tamralipta, Tamolika, Tamralipti, Tamoluk] -Town, West Bengal. 

Tamluk is the HQ of the Purba Medinipur district.

Tamluk is the site of the ancient city variously known as Tamralipta or Tamralipti dating from the 3rd century BCE and possibly earlier. Ptolemy in the 2ndC CE describes Tāmralipta as an important royal city. Ruins of the ancient royal palace, Tamluk Rajbari, are located on the edge of the town.

Three Chinese Buddhist monks visited the city 4th-7thC CE. Fa-Hien recorded 20 Buddhist monasties here in the 5thC and Hiuen-Tsang reported a port town stretching for 250 miles at an important junction of land and sea routes for trading in indigo, silk and copper. Sri Lankan chronicles mention the city as the origin of the first Sinhalese settlement led by Prince Vijaya and also of the Buddhist mission to convert Sri Lanka.

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The ruins of the Rajbari palace situated outside Tamluk.

The ruins of the Rajbari palace situated outside Tamluk          Amitabha Gupta