Mal: തളിപ്പറമ്പ് taḷippaṟamp

‘Temple Ground’  Town,  Kerala

From Mal: taḷi, ‘temple’; or taḷika, ‘plate’; and paṟanpu, ‘terraced ground’, ‘higher ground’, ‘orchard’.

The plate has its own tale which is also the legend of the founding of the Rajarajeshwara Temple:

Goddess Parvathi presented King Maandhatha with a Shiva lingam and told him to install it in a place there had been no death of any creature or man. After a long search the king found a tiny parcel of land no larger than a plate. Here he installed the lingam, a temple was built amd Taliparamba was named.

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Sri Rajarajeshwara Temple, Taliparamba

Sri Rajarajeshwara Temple, Taliparamba              Anu Satheesh