(Hin): श्रीनगर śrīnagar

‘Auspicious City’  City, Capital, Jammu & Kashmir

From Skt: śrī, ‘auspicious’, ‘radiant’, ‘prosperous’; and nagar ‘city’

The name also suggesta a connection with the goddess of wealth and fortune,  Sri or Lakshmi,  The derivation ‘Sun City’  from Skt: sūrya, ‘sun; and nagar ‘city’ seems much less likely.

Srinagar is the largest city and summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir. It is situated in an enviable position in the Kashmir Valley on the banks of the Dal and Anchar Lakes.

It is famous for its handicrafts and shawls and, above all, for its houseboats.

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Srinagar Panorama        KennyOMG