Hin: सीकर sīkar

‘Shekha’s Estate’ [Thikana Sikar, Shekhawati] – City/District, Rajasthan

From Shekha and Skt: ṭhikānā, ‘estate’, ‘region’.

Maha Rao Shekha (a.k.a. Shaikha) was a 15th-C chieftain. The Shekhawati or Thikana Sikar region (which includes Sikar, Jhunjhunu, and Churu) in NE Rajasthan gets its name from him. His name is probably related to Sikar and the Seka/Shekha/Shaikha Jat clan of a neighbouring region in Pakistan. 

Sikar is surrounded by fortified walls with seven “Pols” (gates): Bawarpol, Fatehpuri , Nanipol, Surajpol, Dujod Old, Dujod New and Chandpol.

The Harshnath Shiva temple, dating back to the 10thC has been partially rebuilt using the ruins of the old.

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Harshanath Shiva Temple, Sikar     Ashish Choudhary