Kan: ಶಿವಮೊಗ್ಗ śivamogga

‘Shiva Lane’  [Shimoga] City/District, Karnataka

From Kan: mukku/mogge, ‘lane’ [Tam: mukku, ‘lane’,  ‘corner’, ‘junction’].

There are no shortage of alternatives, many of which have myths to accompany them:

Shiva-Mukha [Skt/Kan: mukha/moga, ‘face’]; or Shivana-Moogu [Kan: mūgu, mū, ‘nose (of Shiva)]; or Shiva-mokku [Kan: mokku/moggu, ‘flower (offering)’].

Shivamogga is commonly called the ‘Gaterway to Malnad’, the hilly region of Karnataka.

The local economy consists of diversified agriculture including spices; iron; texiles; and engineering.

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