‘Shyllong’  City/Capital, Meghalaya

From Lei Shyllong, a Khasi god.

Shillong Peak (U Lum Shyllong) is the highest mountain in Meghalaya. Its name comes from the Khasi god, Lei Shyllong who is said to live on the mountain.

Khasis still perform rituals and ceremonies for him here. The original Khasi U Shulong Hi means ‘he exists by himself’, ‘he is that he is’ a theology that God exists independently of everything else.

The British moved moved their Political Agent’s HQ here when they got fed up with the rain in Sohra/Cherrapunji. Its lakes and mountains reminded them of home and they nicknamed it ‘Scotland of the East’.

Shillong was capital of Assam Province under the British and became capital of the new Meghalaya state when it split away in 1972.

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Shillong, Aerial View        ChanduBandi