शेरगढ़ śēragaṛha

‘Sher Shah Suri’s Fort’ Fort, Bihar

From Urd/Hin: gaḍh, gaṛh, ‘fort’.

Sher [Urd/Hin: sher, ‘tiger’, ‘lion’] Shah Suri, founder of the Suri dynasty who defeated Humayun in 1539 and forced him into exile for 15 years, has often been accused of building new cities on the ruins of the old and then naming them after himself.

Shergarh was a new city built on the foundations of Kośavardhana, a deserted fort city.

His new city of Shergarh, however, was itself destroyed in 1555 when Humayun reclaimed his throne and territories. The site is now simply fort ruins in a forest.

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