सासाराम sāsārāma

‘Thousand Groves’

From Skt: sāhasra , thousand’; and  āmra/ārāma, ‘garden’, ‘grove;’.

Sasaram was the birthplace of Sher Shah Suri, conqueror of the Moghul Emperor Hamayun, and the capital of his Suri dynasty. His red sandstone tomb, built in an Indo-Afghan style, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Sher Shah Suri’s fort of at Rohtasgarh is in Sasaram. This fort has a history dating back to the 7thC. Some say the Rohtas fort was named after the Rohitāśva, a son of the legendary king Harishchandra who has a ghat in Varanasi named after him.

However, the legends  say nothing of this area, and there are no ruins here dating to periods before the 7thC.

Sasaram is the HQ of Rohtas District, nicknamed the ‘Ricebowl of India’.

Sasaram itself is more of a quarry with local mining and production of stone chips, rocks and cement.

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