सहरसा saharasā

‘Thousand Streams’  City/District, Bihar

From Skt: sahasra, ‘thousand’ and dhārā,  torrent, stream; or Skt: saharṣam ‘joy’, ‘rejoicing’;

This region consists of fertile floodplains irrigated by the Kosi river and its tributaries.

Saharsa is a major producer of corn and makhana [Euryale ferox, ‘fox nuts’] and has its own varieties of mango and lychee.

The 19thC yogi, saint and poet, Paramhamsa Lakshminath Goswami [a.k.a. Lakshmi Nath Gosain or Babaji Kuti] was born here.

The Matasyagandha Mandir/Rakta Kali temple is dedicated to 64 yoginis goddesses who are potrayed on the inner walls.

So, plenty to rejoice about.

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