Mar: रत्‍नागिरी rat‍nāgirī

‘Jewel Mountain’   City/District, Maharashtra

Mar: ratna, ‘jewel’, ‘gem’; and Mar:  girī, ‘hill’, ‘mountain’.

Ratnagiri, nicknamed the ‘Jewel of the Konkan coast’, is a port city and fort with historical importance.

The cliff -top Ratnadurg [Mar: durga, ‘fort’] or Bhagwati Fort was a Sultanate of Bijapur capital.It was captured and rebuilt by Shivaji, the Maratha ruler, in the 17thC.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak (1856–1920) one of the early Indian nationalist leaders was born here. He was called the ‘Father of the Indian Unrest’ by the British; the ‘Maker of Modern India’ by Gandhi; and Lokmanya, ‘respected by the people‘.

By a quirk of fate Thibaw, the last king of Burma, rests in peace here (he built Thibaw Palace here after he was deported) while the last emperor of India, Bahadur Shah Zafar, was buried in Burma.

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Thibaw Palace (Ratnagiri)         Aniket Konkar