Tam: இராணிப்பேட்டை irāṇippēṭṭai

 ‘Queen’s Suburb’    Town/District, Tamil Nadu

From Tam: irāṇi , ‘queen’; and pēṭṭai, ‘suburb (of fort)’, ‘village near a market town’.

Local songs and plays commemorate the valour of Desingh Raj. In 1771 the young prince (he was only twenty-two) fought bravely against the more powerful Nawab Sadatulla Khan of Arcot in a battle where the odds were against him (he was outnumbered 10 to 1). At his funeral his young wife threw herself onto the pyre.

The Nawab of Carnatic founded a new village on the other side of the river from Arcot  and named it Ranipet to commemorate her (and her husband).

Article: Mandapam: A royal couple’s forgotten tale of valour

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Ranipet Monument

Ranipet Monument         New Indian Express