‘City of Joy’  Monument/Palace, Assam

From Asm: ranga, ‘joy’, ‘pleasure’; and  Skt: pura, ‘fort’, ‘city’.

Rangpur, founded in 1707, was the fourth capital of the Ahom kingdom and its military base. It fell into rebel hands towards the end of the century but by the time it was recovered Jorhat had become the new capital.

The city at its height measured 15 sq km and had ramparts surrounding it which were art least 6m high. And, of course, the city of joy had its own  royal amphitheatre to watch the fun and games.

The Talatal Ghar or Rangpur palace site is still the largest Ahom site in Assam. It had secret tunnels and three of its floors were built below ground.

It is now 4km from the bustling city of Sivasagar and is part of Sivasagar District.

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Talatal Ghar/Rangpur Palace             Debasisbora