Kan: ರಾಣೇಬೆನ್ನೂರು rāṇēbennūru

‘Queen’s Town’   City, Karnataka (Kar)

From Skt/Pkt: rājṇī/rāṇī, ‘queen’; Kan: rāṇē(ben), ‘queen’; and ūr/ūru, ‘town’, ‘village’.

The ‘ben(n)’ insert appears in two other towns: Santhebennur,  Motebennur and there are three more Bennurs; but it is not clear what it means. Some have suggested ‘Queen’s Resting Place’, but this seems to lack foundations too.

Rannebennuru is known both as the ‘Cotton City’ and the ‘Centre’ or ‘Heart’ of Karnataka.

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Video: Ranebennur – Center City Of Karnataka