Guj: રાજકોટ rājakōṭa

‘Raju’s Fort’   -City/District, Gujarat

From Raju and Skt/Hin: koṭa, ‘fortress’

Vibhaji Jadeja (of the Thakur Jadeja Rajput dynasty which ruled Kutch from the 16thC to Independence)  founded Rajkot in 1610. The city was presented to Raju Sandhi (and named after him) for helping the Jadejas win the territory of Sardhar. He established a kingdom here. After it had fallen into Muslim hands, it was recaptured by by the Jadejas (and their Jamnagar allies) who then ruled here until Independence.

Rajkot was a princely state under the British and is now Gujarat’s fourth largest city.

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Jam Tower, Rajkot       Dharmik Raval, Karan Unagar