राजगीर rājagīr

‘King’s Mansion’  [Rājagṛha, Rājagaha] City/District, Bihar

From Skt: rāja, ‘prince’, ‘king’;  gṛha, ‘house’, ‘mansion’.

Rajgir has an ancient history dating back to the Magadha and Mauryan Empires. It was the capital  of the Magadha dynasty until the 5thC BCE.

The 3-4thC Son Bhandar/Sonebhandar caves are located at Rajgir. They have a range of Jain idols reliefs and carvings. Close by are the Brahmakund hot water springs, a sacred Hindu Saptarshi site where seven different springs merge and multiply each other’s healing properties. The name means ‘reserves’ or ‘store’ of gold [ Hin: sona, ‘gold’; bhandār, ‘store’, ‘reserve’] so there is probably hidden treasure here.

There are 6 towns, villages or districts called Rajgir(i) in India.

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