Tam: இராசபாளையம் irācapāḷaiyam

‘Raju Cantonment’    City/Taluk, Tamil Nadu

From Tam: pāḷaiyam, ‘fort’, ‘camp’, ‘cantonment’.

The Rajus, a Telugu speaking community, migrated here from Andhra Pradesh following the collapse of the Vijayanagara Empire  in the 17thC. They were probably refugee soldiers or administrators.

palayam indicates a camp or HQ of a local chieftain,

‘Cotton City’, as it is also called, is famous for its spinning mills (it has 42 of them).

It also has its very own breed of dog: large, white, regal and eminently suitable for hunting or guard dog duties.

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Bheem, the Rajapalayam Dog           Vbala0733