Tel: రాజమహేంద్రవరం rājamahēndravaraṁ

‘King Mahendra’s City’  City, Andhra Pradesh (AP)

Rajaraja Narendra founded this city in the 11thC. He was a Vengi king,  part of the Eastern Chalukya dynasty that ruled much of South India in the  7-12thC.

Rajahmundry is  a British corruption of the name.

The modern city boasts a handful of famous bridges spanning the Godavari:

  • the Godavari Bridge (4,250), a rail and road bridge: the third longest railroad bridge in India, built in the 1970s;
  • the Godavari Arch Bridge (2,745 m), a railway girder bridge designed to replace the Havelock Bridge which opened in 1997; 
  • the Old Godavari Bridge/Havelock Bridge (2,700 m), built in 1897 and decommissioned in 1997;
  • the Dowleswaram Barrage (3,599 m), an irrigation bridge built in 1850 and re-built in 1970;
  • and the Godavari Fourth Bridge (5,062), a dual carriageway road bridge opened in 2015.

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Video: The Great Godavari Arch Rail Bridge, Rajahmundry