Mal: പുനലൂർ punalūr

‘Riverbridge’  Town, Kerala

From Mal: puṇal, ‘water’, ‘river’; and ūr, ‘town’, ‘city’.

Punalur is situated on the banks of the 121km Kallada river.

Its 120m suspension bridge, built in 1877,  is nicknamed the ‘London Bridge of Kerala’ or the ‘Hanging Bridge of Kerala’ and is the oldest road bridge in Kerala. There is now a parallel concrete bridge which carries traffic into the city.

The bridge was designed to shake so that it would scare off wild animals from the forest side of the bridge.

Punalur is famous for its pepper, pineapples, paper, and plywood.

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Punalur Suspension Bridge - built in 1877

Punalur Suspension Bridge – built in 1877          Sandeepkrishnantm