Tam: புதுக்கோட்டை putukkōṭṭai

‘New Fort’  City/District, Tamil Nadu

From Tam: putu, ‘new’; and Tam: kōṭṭai, ‘fort’, ‘fortified town’.

Pudukottai was a kingdom founded in the late 17thC by the Raja of Ramnad, Raghunatha Setupati,

The nearby Thirumayam Fort is a 16 hectare fortress (the size of about 16 cricket pitches). It was constructed by the Raja in 1687.

Pudukottai became a princely state of British India under the political authority of Madras Presidency.

This is a dry area and relies on a system of 5,451 irrigation tanks, the Grand Anaikat Channel and and 47,583 wells to keep the district farmed and watered.


East Raja Street (Pudukottai)

East Raja Street (Pudukottai)       Thiyagu Ganesh