Tam: பொள்ளாச்சி poḷḷācci

‘Sesban Forest’  Town/Taluk,  Tamil Nadu

From Tam: poḻil, ‘grove’, ‘forest’; and akatti/accam/acci, ‘sesban’ or ‘West Indian pea tree’ [Sesbania grandiflora] a.k.a. ‘corkwood’, ‘swamp pea’, ‘vegetable-hummingbird’. Also: There are 60 species of fig in India and one-third of these can be found in the Anamalai hills around Pollachi. So, Tam: atti, ‘fig’ [Ficus glomerata/racemosa] or icci, ‘oval-leaved fig’ are possible

Pollachi is nicknamed the ‘Coconut City’, after its coconut and coir products. Its agricultural economy also features vanilla, jaggery, vegetables and cattle 

Pollachi is a gateway to the Anamalai Hills, the Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, the Western Ghats,  Valparai Hill Station, and Topslip Tiger Forest.

Its spectacular scenery has merited more than a few appearances in Tamil films.

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 A Paradise Called Pollachi 

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