Guj: પાટણ pāṭaṇa

‘(Anahil’s) City’   -City/District, Gujarat

From Skt/Guj: pattana/paṭṭana, ‘town’, ‘city’. 

King Vanaraja of the 8thC Chavda dynasty founded this city and, according to legend, named it Anahilpur or Anahilpattana after a cowherd who chose the location. The word Patan is a corruption of this.

Anhilpur Patan served as the capital of three dynasties in medieval Gujarat: the Chavadas (8-10thC), the Chalukyas (10-13thC) and the Veghelas (13-14thC).  In the Chalukya period it was one of the top 10 cities in the world with a population of 100,000.

Patan has many important archaeological sites including the Old City and Fort, and the Rani ki vav (Queen’s Stepwell).


Rani ki vav, Patan     Bernard Gagnon