Mar: परभणी parabhaṇī

‘Prabhavati’s City’   [Prabhavatinagar]  – City/District,  Maharashtra

From Prabhavati and Skt: nagar, ‘city’.

Parbhani is a corruption of Prabhavati (Nagar). In ancient times there was a large temple here dedicated to the goddess Prabhavati Devi (Parvati/Lakshmi).

The Khaljis, a 13-14thC Muslim dynasty, converted it into a mosque (the modern Roshan Khan Masjid). Parbhani was ruled by Muslims for more than 650 years (the Deccan sultanates, the Mughals and then the Nizam of Hyderabad). 

Parbhani is part of Marathwada and there is a Memorial monument in the city to the martyrs who fought for Independendence from the British (1947) and the Nizam (1948). Liberation Day on 17 September commemorates the maartyrs and celelebrates Independence for Marathwada in 1948.

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