Odi: ପାରାଦୀପ pārādīpa

‘Pigeon Island’  City/Port, Odisha

From Odi: pārā, ‘pigeon’; and dīpa, ‘island’.

The Port of Paradip is a natural, deep-water port.

The harbour is part of an island created by the Bay of Bengal, the Mahanadi river and the Atharbanki Creek.

Paradip is the 8th largest port in India,  handling 135 million tonnes of cargo in 2022-23. 

It is conveniently situated halfway between the two other major east coast ports, Kolkata and Visakhapatnam.

Pārā as ‘pigeon’ works perfectly, but Odia has a tendency to shorten long vowels so a derivation with ‘para’, ‘divine’, ‘sacred’ or even might work. Even pigeons can be divine.

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