Guj: પંચમહાલ pan̄camahāla

‘Five Mahals’ -District, Gujarat

From Hin/Skt: panch, ‘five’; and Hin/Urd: mahal, ‘(political) division’ (originally ‘palace’). 

A mahal  is an administrative division in India corresponding to a township (and ancillary villages), tehsil or taluk.

The Panchmahals are the five divisions that were transferred by Jivajirao Scindia, Maharaja of Gwalior State, to the British: Godhra, Dahod, Halol, Kalol and Jhalod.

The Panchmahals included areas with important mineral deposits (sandstone, granite and manganese) as well as the culturally important deserted city of Champaner.

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Panchmahal District, British India (1896)     Mechanical Curator, British Library