Kon: पणजी paṇajī

‘Five Creeks’  [Nova Goa, Pahajani kali, Pangim, Panjim] -Capital/City

From Skt/Mar/Hin: pañca, ‘five’; or Skt/Mar/Hin: prācyaka/ prācya/prāchi, ‘eastern’, ‘easterly’; and Hin/Mar: khāṛī/kālavā, ‘canal’, ‘creek’

Panaji is Goa’s capital and the HQ of North Goa District. It was originally called Nova Goa when epidemics forced the population out of Old Goa in the 18th century. It officially replaced Old Goa as the capital in 1843. The origin of the name Panaji, however, is lost in the mists of time and the modern name is likely to be based on a series of variations on an Indo-European original.

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Panaji City   Макс Вальтер