Mar: पालघर pālaghara

‘Leaf House’  Town, Maharashtra

From Mar: pālā, ‘leaves’ or Mar: pāla, ‘hut with sloping sides and open ends’, ‘(cloth or blanket) tent’; and Mar: ghar(a), ‘house’.

This may refer to the original type of housing here, which may or may not be tribal.

Palghar District is most famous for its production of ‘chikoo’ [Manilkara zapota a.k.a. sapodilla, sapota, naseberry, or nispero). The fruit is grainy, aromatic and sweet and is ideal for lassis and jam; as well as managing digestion, diabetes and cholesterol very effectively.

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Chikoo or Sapodilla or Naseberry fruit       Sathya Madhu