Guj: પાલનપુર pālanapura

‘Palansi’s Town’  [Prahaladanapura]  – City,  Gujarat

Prahladana of the Parmar/Paramar Dynasty founded the original town in 1218. The Parmar Dynasty ruled Malwa and neughbouring regions in the 9-14thC.

A century later Palansi Chauhan took over the town and re-developed. .The Chauhans held Palanpur and the surrounding region until the 14thC fourteenth century. They were forced out following the downward expansion of the Delhi Sultanate.

The Palanpuri Jains who originate from here control 90% of the  Indian diamond market [The rise and rise of Belgium’s Indian diamond dynasties].

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Palanpur     Abdulahadmushe