Mar: पैठण paiṭhaṇa

‘Foundation (City)’  [Pratisthana] Town, Maharashtra 

From Skt: pratiṣṭhāna, ‘foundation’, ‘firm standing-place’; or Skt:  pratiṣṭhā, ‘abode’,’ dwelling’; and Skt: sthāna, ‘place’.

Paithan was the original capital of the Satavahana Empire (2ndC BCE -2ndC). and then came under the control of the Chalukya dynasty (6thC-12thC), the Mughals (16thC-18thC) and then it was recaptured by the Hindu Marathas who understood its economic (beads, stones, muslin, cotton, cloth) and spiritual (Hindu, Buddhist and Jain) importance.

The Paithani sari features square borders and  a panel with a peacock design: the mirroring effect is achieved by crossing the weave with different colours.


Paithani Wedding Sari           Sari de mariage