Tel: నిజామాబాదు nijāmābādu

‘City of Nizam-Ul-Mulk’  [Indur]  City/District, Telangana

From Nizam and Urd: ābād, ‘city’, ‘village’.

It was originally named after the 10thC Rashtrakuta ruler, Indra III. The Rashtrakuta was an Indian dynasty ruling large parts of thesouthern and western India in the 6-10th centuries.

The new name comes from the  founder of the Asaf Jahi dynasty, Nizam-Ul-Mulk. The Nizam was the title of the hereditary ruler of Hyderabad until 1956.

The Nizam sugar factory was founded in 1937, At the time it was the largest sugar factory in Asia, It is now a lossmaking unit with its glory days left behind.

Nizamabad Fort, built by Rashtrakuta rulers in the 10thC, is located at the top of a 300m hill. It  was rebuilt by the Asaf Jahi dynasty in the 17thC.

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Nizamabad Fort Entrance, Nizamabad. The origin of the Indian place name Nizamabad is given here.

Nizamabad Fort Entrance, Nizamabad                Rizwanmahai