Mal: നിലേശ്വർ nīlēṣvar

‘Nilakanta Shiva’   Town, Kerala

Neeleswaram is the abbreviated form of Neelakanta Ishwaran, formerly the seat of the Neeleswaram Rajahs.

The name Nileshwar is derived from the name of the  temple, Thaliyil Neelakandeshwar, which is dedicated to Siva as the blue-necked one [Skt: nīla,blue’, ‘dark-blue’; and  kaṇṭha, ‘neck’, ‘throat’].

In the myth it is Siva who swallows the Halhala poison in the Samudra Manthana, a vast, churning Ocean of Milk. The Devas approached Lord Shiva for protection and  Shiva swallowed the poison to save the three worlds. The poison dyed his throat blue.

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Thaliyil Shiva Temple (Nileswaram)

Thaliyil Shiva Temple (Nileswaram)          Ashwin.appus