Mal: നെയ്യാറ്റിൻകര neyyāṭiṉkara

 ‘Shore of Neyyar River’  Town, Kerala

From Neyyar;  Mal:  āṟu/āṟṟu, ‘river’; and kara, ‘bank’, shore’, ‘riverside’

The Neyyar river flows from Agasthya mountain, the highest peak in the Western Ghats (1868m), on the border with Tamil Nadu, to the sea at Pozhiyoor.

The Neyyattinkara Sree Krishna Swamy Temple is an important centre for pilgrimage and festivals.

Legend has it that a Crown Prince hid in a Jackfruit tree near this temple to evade his enemies and escape certain death. He was guided here, it is said, by Lord Krishna in the guise of an  low caste peasant.

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Neyyattinkara Temple

Neyyattinkara Temple          Neyyattinkara